Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program

The Emergency Medical Technician course prepares students to test for National Registry and/or Virginia Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to provide pre-hospital care as an EMT under structured guidelines in emergency situations. Program completers will have the knowledge and skills necessary to function as entry-level EMTs.

Occupational Objective: Employment opportunities for Nationally Registry/Virginia certified EMT's include local emergency departments, EMS agencies, fire departments, ambulance companies and other public and private agencies providing pre-hospital care.

Our Program

We offer a hybrid online/in-person course that consists of approximately 250 hours of instruction. Online content is delivered through the Canvas learning management system, while in-person simulation laboratories are scheduled approximately twice weekly.

Students are required to attend 90% of in-person lab sessions in order to complete this course.

For more information, visit the prospective student information page.

Program Outcomes - 2022-2023

Total Eligible to Test: 22
National Registry of EMT's pass rate*:  95%
National Registry of EMT's pass rate first attempt: 91%

*NREMT determines pass rate by those that successfully pass by the 3rd attempt.